13 Reasons Why

Started watching this series on Netflix.  At first it felt like a vengeful type of story then it got real.  Who really knows your so thoughts? Or your true thoughts?  What happens if you tell people what you’re really feeling? 

Over the years,  I’ve learned when people ask how’s everything,  they don’t really want to know.  When you go into details,  you see their eyes glaze over. I’ve learned to say everything’s great.  Even when its not.  Did I ever tell my friends the moments in depressed?  How would they handle the times I’ve purposely placed a razor over a thigh? 

Sometimes I want to really disappear but I can never do it myself. Nobody would understand.  They’ll tell you just stop thinking that way. You can’t help it though.  Nobody knows what to say.  Not that I would expect them to.  

Sometimes it’s easier to stay invisible. 


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