What’s wrong with the world today

I’m not sure if it’s always been this way. Today as I’m exiting the station,  I am followed by an angry woman.  She steps on me,  death stare me when I turned to look as her.  She barreled and kept going.  This is in the nyc subway.  I could’ve been sick,  pregnant,  etc. I don’t apologize for moving slow which I don’t feel like I was.  

I said excuse you and she flips me off saying make me.  At this point, I know she’s crazy.  I could’ve stop her, insist on why she was so angry. What has life gotten her?  It’s sad really.  For a moment I really wish she’ll get a truckload of karma.  I mean it literally. I really hope she feet hit by a truck. It’s better off dying early as these asshokes will be around forever.  

I’ll admit I have a tendency to give a couple death stare. Only if the other person is in the wrong.  I let this crazy person continue angry to her destination.  Hopefully it was to see her psychologist. 


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