Cancer is a bitch, asshole, shit and all the other bad words and description there is. My mom has been battling cancer for 3 years. She was given 1 year in remission. The hardest part was when you thought it was in the bag….it comes creeping up on you. I watched her go through it wishing it was me. Wishing and praying. Am I angry?  Of course I am. Over time, people move on. Friends who seem to be very close to you moves on. Life changes and feels like it has stopped for you but the rest of the world continues on. People forget what you are going through. I am deeply sadden my closest friends react the way they act. Not one person has asked how my mom has been. I was angry when they thought she was still in remission. I am angry no one undertands me. I am angry for eing angry. Cancer has ruined me but I have never been closer to my mom. 


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