2013, the year I met my love. It’s still kinda weird but in a good way.  Looking back,  you remember ever detail and how easy it was.  I thought it never happen. Life was good. 

January 2nd 2014 was the worse day of my life.  My mom got diagnosed after over 12 hours of surgery.  My brother and I counting down the hours. When they were not done by the time it was suppose to, we just kept hoping everything was ok. The room spinner. 

Treatments,  more surgeries,  we had hope. Finally by August 2014, we were ecstatic mom was fine! Remission that beautiful word.  We had one year of happiness until the world crashed on us. It came back.  I remeber that day.  It was my love’s birthday. Again hope. This time it would be different. 

Nothing has been the same since then.  Time has flew and while we’re grateful, we want this time to keep flowing. I bought my first apartment,  got engaged, my brother got a good job. She was there for it all.  There’s just so much more for her to see and it’s too sad to take it away.  I don’t know how to pray or where my faith is. I pray for more time. I pray the pain will go away for her. 



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