Sometimes I wish I’m not trying so hard to be unlike others. Why do I try to think I can make a difference?  My motto is if they don’t care,  why should i. I should stick to it.  But I know that’s not me.  I just can’t do it.  I want to, I really do.  I just wish people would care more than I would. 

Today,  I went and made reservations for a restaurant. What else can I expect?  Of course my fiance will be late. Better yet,  he’s late but doesn’t tell me until I asked. He doesn’t tell me how late until I’m already standing in the street waiting for 15 minutes. I’m not mad he’s late.  I’m mad he didn’t bother to give me the curteosy call. I’m mad it doesnt occur to him.  I’m mad at myself because I let this happen.  I’m mad I didn’t stop this habit years ago.  I’m mad….I’m mad for trying so hard. 

Advice of the day: the higher expectations,  the bigger disappointment

Story of my life


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