Everyone is an actor one way or another.  Everyday you pretend to be this person, to act a certain socially acceptable way.  It’s exhausting. You may say you don’t,  but it’s it the truth? 

Today I went out for a friend’s birthday. The real act began when I arrived at the resturant.  The joking,  the laughing and some reminiscing.  Maybe I was only half pretending.  Who knows the truth exactly?  When it was over,  I felt the boulders come crumbling.  The new reality is life isn’t as great as it used to be.  The old reality where I’m happy and carefree is gone again through the slips of time. 

People would ask you have a wonderful fiance,  job, friends,  family,  why are you still sad?  Sometimes there are no explaination.  Sometimes it’s everything else. I know if I did something,  it would be unfair, it would be selfish.  In the end,  you just want it all to stop. The feeling of sadness and how incomplete you are. 


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